Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Give your home more space with smart storage solutions!

Just about everyone I speak with these days seems to have the same wish for their home-more space! No matter how much we have, it seems we always need more. Of course getting rid of the many things we have but don't truly need is always the best way to start. But what if you've done that and still don't have the space you need? That's when it's time to get creative with the space you do have. Here are some great ideas that should help:

 Office in a chest  
Don't have the space to dedicate a room as an office? No worries....this chest at the foot of the bed in a 
guest bedroom, is a great substitute! Holding everything from files to pens, pencils, thumbtacks and even a bulletin board- it provides a hidden office that you can easily access when you need it.  A small console table in conjunction with this and voila!...your office is complete! 

                                                                 Martha Stewart image

                                                     Hidden Kitchen storage

If you're fortunate enough to be planning a kitchen remodel, make sure to make use of every inch of space. The toekick drawer is one of my favourite tricks that many cabinet makers are doing today. A perfect place to store anything from cookie sheets to childrens art supplies/small toys (easy for them to get to!)....



                                                             Playroom storage

A Playroom is a room where you will definitely want to make use of every inch of space with multifunctional items. Here, two simple storage ottomans fit perfectly under this desk to provide extra storage for toys while doubling as seating for 2! A great place for friends to do craft projects or play games....

Seaside Interiors

Garage storage
Just when you think you've completely run out of space in your garage- just look up!  There are lots of square feet to be utilized on the garage ceiling... Just click the link below the pic for the DIY steps...



                                                    Short on drawer space?

Came across this great idea from, through Pinterest. Use 12x12 scrapbook paper organizers to vertically store items such as wraps, cutting boards etc. in your cupboards, freeing up much needed space in your kitchen drawers......


                                                      Great storage solution

Check out this great DIY PVC Bin Storage Organizer.....This is something I bet my hubby would love! ;)  How perfect is this for basement/garage storage.... you can easily access the Bin you need without having to move all the rest!  Just click on the link below the pic for all the instructions and a video. I bet my lego addicted son would even like to help with this project! :)

                                                                            Studio 5

Do you have any storage ideas you'd like to share? Leave a comment and let us know....we'd just love to hear your ideas! :)



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