Friday, September 3, 2010

Party for a "Wimpy Kid"...

For my son's 10th birthday, he wanted a "Diary of a Wimpy Kid party". There weren't a lot of ideas out there, so we had to get creative :)  We had a viewing of the movie, which surprisingly, most of the kids hadn't yet seen. It definitely went over well....kept everybody from 4-14 entertained :)
Here are some of the other things we came up with....

For the party invitations, I "wimped" my son at  I added the party info, printed it off and then mounted it on orange paper for a pop of color...


Using the same image I added the writing "Happy Birthday Erikson" and printed it out on an 8 x 11 sheet of paper. I brought this in to a local grocery store bakery who easily transferred it to a cake for me. It turned out so son was thrilled to say the least!

We also decided to "wimp" all of the son had a ball doing this!! We saved the images and then printed them out on sticker paper. We stuck them on plain paper cups. When the guests all arrived, they had a wonderful time trying to identify themselves. These cups had an added bonus...everybody new their own cup when it was time for drink refills!

Some loot bag goodies!!

The highlight of the loot bags were definitely the personalized diary's.....I used the same sticky paper and images of each guest I had made for the cups....super simple! The kids were thrilled!!

My son was delighted with his party.....and really, what more can a Mom hope for ;)


  1. Yay You!! I'm so glad to have kind of met you in this huge online world!
    Lovely post.



  3. Thanks for the comments! Abby, it's great to meet you too :)

  4. Hello, We are planning a Wimpy Kid party too and am trying fot the life of me to save the wimp yourself image and cant. Is there a trick to downloading and printing those images?

    Thank you for the great ideas!

  5. Hi Cap Creations, thanks for stopping by! On the website it says:

    PC: Right click on image and 'Save picture as' or if you would like to set as your wallpaper 'Set as background'.

    MAC OSX: Right click the image and select "Save Image As..." or simply drag the image onto your desktop.

    though at this moment, it's not working for me either....maybe their website is having temporary troubles.... good luck with it :)

  6. Hello just wanted to come back and let you know we finally got our wimpy kid party posted! Thanks for the ideas. You can see ours here

  7. I just found you via Cap Creations! What a great idea, between both of your party ideas - it should make my son happy this year for his 12th birthday. And an extra special surprise for him, daddy will be home in time for his birthday this year. I'm excited to start planning! ;)

  8. @Cap Creations- Your party looks amazing, I'm glad my ideas helped :)
    @Jennifer B- Thanks for stopping by, hope your son has a great party, have fun!

  9. wonderful ideas!! I' planning a wimpy kid party for my daughter too!!