Thursday, September 16, 2010

Super Simple Covered Lampshades....

As anyone who knows me can attest, I just love changing things up often to keep them "fresh". I am one of those people who redecorates each season in an effort to create that perfect ambience year round. I also like to make these changes without breaking the bank and without taking up too much time. I like things to be simply elegant.

A couple of days ago I decided I wanted to find a use for some leftover fabric I had that I just adored. I decided to try to cover some lampshades with it. I have heard of people doing this before with spray adhesives, glue guns and the like. I, on the other hand, wanted to cover the lampshades, but also wanted to be able to remove/ change them later if I tired of them (which knowing me, I probably will ) . I decided to go about it using things I already had around the house. Double sided tape seemed to fit the bill. It will be easily removable when I get the urge. It was also super quick....I am very pleased with the finished result!! Here's how I went about it:

I started with a simple drum style lampshade......
Here are all the supplies I needed:

1. Drum lampshade
2. Fabric (not too heavy or it will block too much light)
3. Double sided tape (My favourite tool ever!!)
4. Scissors
5. Ribbon
6. 2 Stickpins
7. Pen

The first thing I did was to roll the lampshade out on the fabric(wrong side) and traced lightly with a pen as I rolled. I did one side and then the other being careful not to mark the lampshade. Sorry I didn't get a pic of this step but my hands were too busy to hold the camera! I wasn't too precise, just tried to get a basic idea of how much material I needed. Then I cut out the fabric.

I  used my trusty double sided tape to attach the end of my fabric directly to the seam of the lampshade. I carefully pulled the fabric around to meet and then folded over the end about 2 cm to leave a clean edge ( again using double tape). One last strip of tape joined the 2 ends.

  1. Once the fabric was secured around the shade, I used scissors( make sure they're sharp) to trim neatly around the top and the bottom of the shade. Make sure to go as close to the edge of the shade as possible.

    I ran another strip of double sided tape around the top of the shade and then peeled the backing off it.

I easily attached the ribbon to the tape. Repeat this step on the bottom of the shade as well...

Lastly, I added a stickpin on the top and the bottom where the ribbon meets, to make sure everything stays put...

That's it...could it be any easier? have a super easy "custom" lampshade...enjoy!!

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