Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Simple Boys Room Ideas...

I redid my 8 year olds bedroom a few months back. He wanted an Indiana Jones "adventure" feel. I'm not really into "character" decorating, so I decided to opt for a more classic approach. I didn't have a big budget for this update.....here are some of the changes I made....

1. The furniture was "hand me downs" from my older brother (over 30 years old!) Cost: free!!

2. I was struggling to find a bedside table to match the height of the captains bed. I decided that an old trunk I had, turned on it's side would be perfect ! Cost:free!!

3. I wanted to create a focal point behind the bed. I bought a bamboo blind ($10) removed the hardware, & attached it to the wall with 2 nails. I added a print ($25) to create further interest.

4. I added a new duvet cover set( $39), rug ($17) curtains ($35)

5. A few new accessories were added.

Voila....an adventure room that my son loves, on a budget that doesn't break the bank!!

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  1. Hey Katrina ... nice job on the room AND the blog. For someone who has no decorating ability - but knows a nice design when he sees it - the commentary is really enlightening.

    Keep it up!